Pribamo Stakeholder e-commerce software

Pribamo's e-commerce package has been developed from direct development as a stakeholder in two successful online retailing, B2B and B2C environments. That is, our re-write of proprietry core software code and all associated modules developed since were developed for specific ROI purposes.

In the next few paragraphs we shall list some examples which is usually ignored by competing systems - handling returns. Our software reduces the labour cost and complexities of employee permissions in the process this module with a simple, automated, robust system that will thwart any employee fraud.

The modules listed below are at times complex in design, simple and intuitive interface - yet as a company manager or e-commerce administrator familiar with e-commerce and the difficulty or short-comings of systems these modules would be seen as credible tools to minimise over-sight of the e-commerce system.



E-commerce Enhanced Module List

Customer Front-end      
SKU matching on product page
  There are several industries where a particular product would normally be sold with accompanying or matching products posessing different SKU's. As the idea is to keep the customer on the product page they have selected, sending them looking for a matching item risks losing interest in the product selected in the first place.
Our individual product page logic handles this as 'matching'. This is not Upsell or X-sell but matching from your SKU database.
Multi-colour, multi-view
  Multi colours are shown on grouped product and individual product page. Popup window (AJAX to follow) will allow images in 8 different views, unlimited colours and matching SKU's logic to select and view from one central popup.
Smart X-Sell/Upsell logic
Fully automated - reporting and assignment reversion based on initial data assignment - stock levels control determination unless defined differently Our Upsell logic is based on initial data prior to import and is controlled automatically by the system. Particularly fashion, 18% of customers will buy a nicely matching upsell. Managing this with stock requires an enormous amount of work - our system will look after this automatically.
Fully automated email reporting of Upsell item stock issues.
Smart X-Sell module No data assignment required. Our algorithms determine the customers interest and automatically offer X-Sell based on these algorithms. No labour cost, management or product assignment required.
Customised Gift certificates
  Either through customer purchase, refund module or administrative marketing - unique encoded company image and ID.
Coupons with dynamic user ID
  Either general coupons or advanced coupon management. For example many systems may offer 1 per user - but the customer must be logged on first to determine if the coupon is valid, infuriating the customer.
Our module will write and inbed unique ID's into the coupon / coupon image and the customer simply enters it at first checkout - rules regarding use are managing at creation time.
Smart search
  Providing the data entry person is familiar with general words and not necessarily user specific words  the customer may search for, the smart search will provide very good results returned.
IP module
  Module developed to provide the basis for the next few modules - updated automatically daily. Status, error and unusual instances monitored and reported.
Advanced Currency module
Module increases customer experience and comply with difficult or best practice search engine criteria for delivery. Many competitors offer this module and some even will have developed an IP module with it. What many customers don't realise is (for example) Google data centers are world wide and enter your site through their different IP's - each crawl then yields the same page with different pricing and the site may be penalised for duplicate content. Our module determines several criteria and delivers pricing based on these criteria for the same resultant page delivered (as seen by Google). This increases customer satisfaction without any penalties. The next two modules are based on the same logic.
Advanced Language module
Module increases customer experience and comply with difficult or best practice search engine criteria for delivery. The language module is selectable and automatic based on four criteria.
Sizing module
Module increases customer experience and comply with difficult or best practice search engine criteria for delivery. See above.
URL re-write - avoids duplicate pages
  Give each page a unique and useful url name. That helps customers to share your links and search engines to display better results.
ACCC & ATO compliant tax calculations e.g. ip location lookups for correct totals shown
  Our financial compliancy module covers most countries requirements. For example in Australia by law, any product shown must have the price and statement GST included. This effectively means every single page including invoicing. Whilst the ATO and ACCC differ on some views of display, the end result is a customer that is required to pay GST or not and must be shown the appropriate price on advertising pages and quite clearly during checkout. And even if you decide not to comply after multiple foreign questioning of foreign or domestic consumers the labour cost answering the enquiries inspires compliancy.
Real time shipping estimator and error reporting
  Order conversion rate increases the more questions are answered prior to checkout. The real-time shipping estimator answers this question and is simplified by domestic post-code or by country.
Multi-shipping and track
  At order placement, at shipping there are multiple shipping methods selectable and calculated to near exact cost for multiple sizing and weights.
Highly customised order / shipping invoice
Shipping logic
  Our product picking, packing & shipping module for shipping staff is simplistic in user interface yet handles complex issues for staff. At return rates as high as 18% for some industries, our process methodology and module reduces shipping errors to 0.1% over a 3 year period. Customer special requirement, Customs, freight company specific and destination requirements.
Shopping Assistant module
  For fashion retailers - a module allowing filtering of products that includes all possible menu or category selections in a single page.
Smart user Pre-caching logic
  Predictive technology based on analysis of thousands of customer viewing habits to pre-cache next likely page view content for optimal user experience and speed enhancements for SEO.
Shipping / warehouse picking list automation
  Customised picking list on demand or emailed to appropriate shipping users for particular shipping times or warehouses.
Self audit module - banking
Live banking check To mimimise customer payment issues such as Banking or Paypal synchronisation issues (where authorisations are given following declination, time-outs, simply strange occurances from gateway interfaces) constantly checks and provides notification to an authorised administrator to correct offered solutions allowing the administrator to pre-empt customer dissatisfaction or query.
The system also checks for large erroneous price differentials an administrator may erroneously enter and alert authorised administrators.
Self audit module - stock
Stock import Autmated module to receive backend stock updates. Pricing, stock numbers, assignment of stock to pre-determined Upsell's, X-sells and matching, categories (enabling or disabling automatic), warning and notification system for administrators of issues.
Stock corrective system As online customers display generally similiar browsing habits - the user experience is paramount. Sophisticated algorithms check stock levels in regards to sizing and colour array and will automatically move items to clearance, set pre-defined pricing accordingly all without the daily monitoring of administration.
This one module alone saves incredible amounts of time for the administration of an online shop.
Self Audit - system
General Admin / shipper reporting system - daily status mail, banking, pricing errors , db or code errors (for example customer user names including hyphens or strange characters and the corrective action taken automatically, IP table lookup failures, previous period bank check, currency, customer synchronisation (user input) detection and reporting,
Warehouse module  
  Allows the allocation of picking or notification to appropriate warehouse shipping centers and allows product display for customers based on pre-determined shipping rules or location.
Newsletter module
Security The signup process for new email subscribers checks for for mass subscriptions and avoids using the shop's mailer as a spam server.
Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo authoristaion As the majority of newsletter sign-ups and customer accounts are webmail based and these webmail companies have strict anti-spam rules you need to comply with providers restricions of sending mass mails. In conjunction with the module we can perform the authorisation for your comapnies IP address with the major email hosting companies to avoid being blacklisted.
Delivery control For clients not on elastic cloud systems this module will allow pre-set staggered release of newsletters to reduce demand on servers and staff allocation for newsletter sales etc.
Anti-fraud Standard module with settings and staff training on practical interpretation of monitoring results.
Intrusion minimisation system A sophisticated developed module to minimise probing and SQL injection protects your shop and avoids high usage loads.
Multi level employeee access system, Unauthorised access (IP or user) reporting, unauthorised banking api access (blocked but reported)  
Server access - warnings  
PCI DSS The PCI DSS module is an extension to the very secure framework and notifies administrators of legacy or dependant software upgrade version for compliancy.
CDN delivery module
General Module to allow CDN delivery of images (and client dependant - cached content variations) that is variable depending upon location. i.e. an analysis of server/greater customer and optimum delivery method.
Image / CDN optimiser module Module for the administrator overseeing image optimisation and automatic syncronisation with CDN edge servers to automatically ensure all images are optimised for fast delivery and synchronised.
Order management module
Money trail logic Algorithms developed in module to track and then reverse payment methods. For example customer buys some items full price, some discounted, a coupon (say 10% off), a delay or problem with shipping an item leads to administrative gift certificate applied - and then half the items are returned - half for exchange and half for refund. The complexities in pricing snapshots and discounts, payments are enormous and these are resolved automatically such that a junior staff member simply selects 'refund' and it produces correct results without any required knowledge of the history or complexity of the order. The result is the customer despite their most determined attempts will not question the reverse process as it automatically favours legally compliant or best practices.
Refunds / exchanges The most important aspect of e-commerce and yet fundamentally essential for labour saving and customer's expectations is the returns process. Depending upon the type of products sold legal framework & internal policies and site design - refunds (for example fashion) may have up to a 25% return rate. Either with customer card retention or non-retention the process needs to be executed correctly with the minimum amount of labour to minimise profit loss. Generally when sale items are discounted there appears to be a greater return rate so the profit margin must be managed with a well considered means to address returns.
The module allows administrators the ability to assign refund responsibility to differing levels of support staff. This system will allow a factory return employee the ability to accept a returned good manually or via scanning and simply follow the instructions on the returns portion of the shipping invoice and exchange or refund each particular item. Any surplus funds are refunded and in the case of more funds required notification is automatically sent to the customer and may be done by the customer or the employee (subject to in-house policies) to allow the order to reach auth-shipping status. To minimise customer exchange fulfillment issues (items that will sell out in the time of receipt or pending status) due to the separation of activities an automated pre-picking function may be enabled by administrators and the adoption of procedural changes to support it.

That employees responsibilty then ends with that order, a process of 10 seconds to a minute if complicated exchanging. No intervention is required by senior administrators or accountants and security controls prevent unauthorised behaviour.

Any oustanding issues with the example order are handled automatically isolating each departments responsibilities and all actions either proceed or are pending with notifications to the customer and administrators if delays occur (e.g. customer not answering email).

What this means for administrators is there is no intervention, study of the complexities of the order or manual interfaces with payment gateways. All order changes are re-issued with legally compliant invoicing requirements in a straightforward manner to the administrator and the customer minimising confusion or the associated increase in customer service costs.
Integrated order reporting module A customer order may be simple or complicated and the management of the complicated order is essential to minimise labour costs, tracking and the customer experience. A poorly managed order can lead to adverse publicity in this environment rather quickly. This module allows an senior administrator toquery any order issues without the need to follow all activities. Supply chain, customer or administrative intervention status is presented in a simple daily report allowing the manager to simply discover an issue. Time saving estimates for all staff concerned on even small sized e-commerce operations are estimated on average to total 1 hour per complicated order spread over all staff involved. So the module reduces labour costs and protects against outstanding issues with a simple glance of the report given.
Administrative only customer notes logic This module allows senior managers only the ability to place notes against customers again to keep track of either positive or negative issues that more junior staff members are unable to see. Any entries are reported to senior administrators as a last check for inclusion authority.
Flash message system
  This module allows messages to customers in a banner in multi-language and IP range. This may be activated on selection or pre-set. For example to express sympathy at moments of crisis, or shared sporting achievements or impending scheduled outages prior to a site shutdown or a 503 directive.
Live help 3rd party customised and integrated solution
  A freeware enhanced live help chat system integrated and customised for improvements and enhancements. These enhancements include operator availablilty, FAQ's and notifications to correct multi-language operators.
SEO module
  An enhanced module for SEO work across all languages.
Self audit - see above  
Money transfer x-check interface Module to view or download any period involving transaction history within banking gateway or Paypal automated interface.
Manual transaction module Module to allow manual transaction and manually assign payments to order numbers. Senior administrators only.
  Complex financial reporting system module - GST, money, costing per unit, best sellers by every possible category or menu selection pathway or sku or colour, size or combinations or brands - downloadable excel file , returns.
The results of some of these reports allow extremely accurate re-ordering or future stock styles for stock holding minimisation - used as raw data with an external analysis program .
Specials module
  Sophisticated module that displays all products in a manner to allow managers to over-ride automated stock management algorithms and make decisions on thousands of product lines from minutes to an hour.
Integrated physical shop / stockists module
  Module allows simple updating of retailers and via IP location "Buy in store" logic to individual product pages.
Server instance backup module
  All running servers are backuped regularly. The infrastructure makes it possible to change servers and swap servers instantly.
 B2B & B2C
 Linesheet  Used across the fashion industry. The system will produce an excel file available via a link or downloadable to email to customers with the current products and stock for wholesale selling. Either directly online or at their leisure through the excel spreadsheet and email - the linesheet is retrieved and uploaded to the system and automatically controls stock levels and places an order for the wholesale customer.
From experience this eliminates 1.5 employees and minimises error transmission.