E-commerce Consulting - From Scratch


If you are considering an e-commerce solution for your company whether an initial feasabilty study, an analysis of an existing site or the adoption of a more professional system - the following summarises what we can do to help you.

  • Analyse your existing business and discuss the various parts that may be undertaken by your company to run an e-commerce solution. There are many solutions including our own that may be considered and a list of features versus cost are considered. As stakeholders in several operating e-commerce systems we have a clear idea of the issues that need to be considered before committing to the development cost and commitment prior to commencing the project.
  • Define the project scope - the creative, functional and technical requirements, wireframe prototyping, after gathering your company requirements, workshops and organisational requirements.
    Write a e-commerce requirements specification (ERS), project plan, site maps and process flows directly involving the project and peripheral related foreseeable activities.
  • Discuss the importance of SEO, site security and privacy considerations across the design and technical requirements at the outset and the foreseeable future.
  • Develop an overall e-commerce strategy using best practices.
  • If third party software, assist in the selection process to meet the defined requirements.
  • Liaise with all required vendors from shipping to banking.
  • Produce a blueprint for your e-commerce strategy.


ECOMMERCE Consulting - Existing Ecommerce Sites


If you already operate an e-commerce site we can assist you with an analysis of your site for better results.

  • Analyse or assist in the acquisition of operating metrics such as conversion rates, customer behaviour and retention, landing page optimisation and domestic/international considerations.
  • Site design - page load times, search engine considerations on site and off-site, hosting or page delivery solutions, checkout process and upsell/cross-sell designs.
  • Compliancy of regulations locally and in regards to shipping. PCI-DSS requirements and general code/site security and the implications of any short-comings.
  • SEO or PPC specifically.


WEBSITE / CMS Consulting


Whether you are in the market for a new website, intranet or enhanced features for an existing website we can assist you.

  • Analyse your business needs and expectations regarding the initial deployment and ongoing support and content required for your site. Assess and suggest solutions to your website criteria and perform the work or assist in the selection of providers of various solutions.
  • Discuss the the strategy behind your website and suggest solutions to support the strategy with relatively simple and well designed sites to achieve your aim or more complex customisation/integration with existing work processes.
  • Offer explanations for the variety of choices available to you from bespoke solutions catering to specific needs to third party CMS (content management systems) where your staff are able to maintain your site easily with minimal training.
  • Define a software solution to match your workflow process including document management and publishing approval process. Document, media (including video) management, versioning and publishing.
  • Discuss the inter-relationships between content on multiple platforms needs from pc's to tablets and mobile computing and offer solutions to achieve present and forecast requirements.




PCI-DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Applicable and mandatory for any company storing, processing or transmitting cardholder data. The additional penalties for non-compliancy at the time of an intrusion and loss of credit card data justify the effort in PCI DSS compliancy. Although it is possible to be PCI DSS compliant and not site secure - the process and benefits go a long way to undertaking the compliancy, audit or validation process.

    • Analyse your e-commerce business and determine which validation requirements are applicable depending upon your transaction volume.
    • Help to develop an information security policy and vulnerabilty management program. Depending upon the level required - any auditing will be performed by an qualified PCI Security Standards Council security assessor.

Website system security framework analysis of your system security and discuss workplace security policies to assist you in minimising and improving infrastructure security practices.  

  • Backup processes and redundancy. Develop policies and procedures for DDos attacks and server shutdowns.
  • Data validation, encrypted connections, secure connections for network logins, etc.