Pribamo Custom Software Solutions

Our proprietry Content Management System (CMS) was designed for simplicity and security. Staff training is generally 30 minutes maximum and that person requires no knowledge of HTML - it is quite simply a tool to update content, control menu items to publish their companies information externally or within an intranet.

The CMS is versatile - a company can deploy a world class newspaper, introduce an intranet, blog or multimedia portal in a day. There are minimal security issues and updates as the code is proprietry.

The example modules listed below are at times complex in design, with a simple and intuitive interface.


CUSTOM  Software Feature List

CMS - Newspaper, Intranet

Key Features    
The simplest admin user interface.
Three concepts - articles, catgeories and media (video or images).
Article management
Staff who write copy (e.g. MS Word) simply edit an existing or new article, the category you wish it appear, - paste in a title, first paragrah and the body of the text. The CMS will strip any formatting out. Add an image if desired.
Article categories
Create article categories like news, opinions, sports whatever you like, assign to a left, right or top menu in seconds, no complicated procedures or knowledge or fear of breaking the site - completely user friendly.
Either save the articles as 'save as a draft' or 'publish'. That's it - formatting and positioning automatic. Editors can review draft articles and publsih in a second.
Media categories
Video's (hosted and uploaded through the interface, flv, H264, MP4) or via a link to a hosting service. image gallery, podcasts etc, all managed by categories.
Media Display logic
Automatic logic for Video's, image gallery or podcasts listed under sub-categories displayed or previewed 4 or 6 at a time with a selectabe 'View more'.
Latest articles option
If desired a list of the last 10 news (for example) articles.
Highlights displays the latest article or media published
See CMS sction for full description    




MEDICAL  - Online Doctors Referral / Appointment System

Key Features    
CMS interface backend
Simple CMS for staff to make changes easily.
Automated Doctors / Specialists referral form
Automated referral system from Doctor to specialist or department. Automatic assignment and notification system option.
Database interface between referral and appointments  
Module that automates the initial referral preferences to specialist availabilty.
Hospital / surgery location / directions maps
Hosting, domain registration etc.
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FLASH Fashion and Residential Websites

Key Features    
Flash website design
Developed using Adobe Falsh Professional, AIR and other technologies.
Fashion, photography, residential showcase etc.
Multiple devices
Using Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 software allows extended reach acsoss multiple devices.
Flash banners and html integration.
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Employment & Recruitment Sites

Key Features    
Database driven employment / recruitment modules.
Either deploy as standalone or existing site add-on with your design incorporated.
Unlimited categories / professions
Simple backend allows staff to allocate employment categories, update listings etc.
Notification channels - assigned human resource staff receive appropriate applications.
Data retention / Government policies set and auto delete functions present
Anti-spam / mailer logic settings
Feed or links available for external recruitment sites.
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Livechat Customisation

Key Features    
Freeware Livezilla extensive customisation
Integrated add-on for e-commerce system or standalone for existing sites. At comparable rates of $100 per seat - this option has been developed extensively for a professional (your brand) live chat solution.
Availabilty logic
Rather than simply letting customers discover you are no online - the link on your site will default to simply 'Contact us' if desired if no staff are active.
Language (IP) logic
Availabilty logic extends to browser and IP to assign seats to the target language that is actually available.
Canned responses and design pre-loaded.
Simply use developed canned responses and / or add to the customised default ones.
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Employee Rosters / Timesheets

Key Features    
Simple customisable roster for small business
Up to 50 employess
Cloud based or local based
Employee request logic
Employees enter single requests or recurring availability through a form - the system displays availability for each week automatically and allows managers to check against assigned shifts on one screen. 
Graphical summary display
Shift allocation efficiency graphical results.
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SPECIALTY Websites / Intranets

Key Features    
Full websites sitting upon e-commerce structure
Allows for the completion of multiple stages of e-commerce project whilst developing designs and processes tailored to your individual company.
Joomla CMS based intranets
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